Government Relations (GR)

Strategic planning and managing of the relationship with governments (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary), at local, state and federal levels.

Institutional Relations (IR)

Strategic planning and managing of the relationship with social organisms (NGOs, trade associations, universities).

Crisis management

Sensitive issues, reputation management, crisis committee co-ordination, position papers, Q&A, agility.


Planejamento e implementação de estratégicas de participação no diálogo que leva ao desenvolvimento de políticas públicas; defesa de causas.

Intelligence and Content

Information on business sectors, political and economic scenarios, political risks reports, influencer maps, writing of op-eds and speeches, presentations and support in event preparation.

Monitoring and online alerts

Use of own digital platform to follow topics of interest in government and legsilative branches, both local and national. Daily reports.

Spokespeople coaching

Training sessions, workshops, presentations, performance evaluation.

Strategic relationship with target audiences

Scenario analysis, message development, monitoring of topics of interest and sensitive issues.

The current national scenario calls for a deep understanding of the political, social and economic processes, along with the crafting of well researched outlooks for each of the client´s topics of interest. It requires clear decisions about strategies and actions, along with the choice of the best communications channels with target audiences.

FLAG - Public Affairs.